Recent FDA Approvals for ADHD Treatment


Birgit H. Amann, MD, PLLC, discusses 2 recently approved treatment options for ADHD: amphetamine XR oral tablets and viloxazine.

Theresa R. Cerulli, MD: We have heard a lot of formulations and new names thrown out today. I want to narrow our focus to 2 of the newest formulations, the 2 extended-release ADHD [attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder] medications that have come out within the past year: viloxazine and amphetamine XR [extended release], the oral tablet, otherwise known as Dyanavel XR oral tablets. Birgit, would you mind giving us some information on these 2 in particular?

Birgit H. Amann, MD, PLLC: Absolutely. Let me start with viloxazine XR, which is a noncontrolled medication. Prior to having viloxazine XR, we had 3, as Andy described very well earlier. Viloxazine XR is approved for children, adolescents, and adults. It has been over 2 decades since we’ve had a noncontrolled adult ADHD medication in the armamentarium. That’s huge and very much welcomed.

The other thing about viloxazine XR is that it’s the only noncontrolled ADHD medication that we have that can be opened and dumped into applesauce or pudding. That was a limitation for some of my children and adolescents who could have benefited from a nonstimulant. Maybe they couldn’t tolerate a stimulant, or their parent was fearful of a stimulant, whatever reason that they couldn’t swallow a pill or capsule. Viloxazine extended release has offered them the ability to use a nonstimulant.

Amphetamine XR oral tablet also is approved in children, adolescents, and adults. As we talked about earlier, it’s utilizing LiquiXR technology. I can think of several examples from the last few months because I’ve been enjoying using Dyanavel XR tablets. There’s the child who did beautifully on the liquid version of amphetamine XR, who doesn’t want to take a liquid anymore as an adolescent. It’s been an easy transition to the tablet formulation. With divorced parents, the tablet has been welcomed on both sides many times in my practice. I’ve also had the adolescent who doesn’t want to take a liquid to a sleepover at their friend’s house. They don’t want to have that in their suitcase. That has been a huge thing too. Lastly, I have a lot of adults who were very interested in amphetamine XR, except they didn’t want to use the liquid. They never even started it. But now that we have the tablet, they’re on board. It has been a wonderful addition to the armamentarium for children, adolescents, and adults.

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