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Residency Rater Helps Family Medicine-bound Med Students Choose a Residency

A new iPhone app provides guidance to fourth-year medical students who find themselves faced with having to choose from among dozens, or hundreds, of residency programs.

This article originally appeared at iMedicalApps.com part of the HCPLive network.

Fourth year is a tumultuous time for medical students. Although the toll of clerkships starts to grind down, students now find themselves faced with the difficult dilemma of choosing among dozens, sometimes hundreds of residency programs for further training.

For students heading to a Family Practice residency program, at least there is now an iPhone app that can help them make this difficult decision. Created by the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Wisconsin Madison, Residency Rater [iTunes link] helps medical students organize their thoughts using a series of criteria and checklists with which they can score different family medicine programs.

By providing a neat and convenient way for users to score programs on multiple criteria, this free app stimulates graduating students to consider all aspects of the program before coming to a decision — an important consideration since the computerized residency match program does not allow students to change their minds once they have submitted their choices.

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