Rheumatology Network: Top Articles of 2022


Take a few minutes to review the most noteworthy studies published on Rheumatology Network in 2022.

Prevalence of Gout Reportedly Higher in Black Patients

Despite gout being largely associated with White men, new data suggest gout and hyperuricemia impart a larger burden on other demographic groups, including Black men, Black women, and White women.

Chronic Sleep Deprivation Linked to Higher Risk of SLE

A statistically significant elevated risk of SLE was shown among women with low sleep, depression, and bodily pain when compared with those without these concomitant issues.

Patients with Autoimmune Disease at Greater Complications Risk Following Heart Attack

Investigators believe that coronary intervention, intensified medical therapy, and an aggressive risk factor optimization approach should be available to patients with rheumatic disease presenting with myocardial infarction whenever possible.

Holding Methotrexate After Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose May Be Best in Psoriatic, Rheumatoid Arthritis

Holding methotrexate after the second COVID-19 vaccine dose is associated with similar immunogenicity and a lower risk of disease flare compared with withholding methotrexate after both vaccine doses.

Autoimmune Disease Increases Risk of Developing Cardiovascular Disease

Although investigations have been performed on the association between inflammatory conditions and cardiovascular events, the effect of different conditions on cardiovascular diseases has not been analyzed on a large scale.

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