Rite Aid Prescription Error Results in $2.5 Million Verdict


A Montgomery County, Alabama jury awards the multi-million dollar settlement over a mistakenly filled prescription for rheumatoid arthritis which confined Reva Tosh to a wheelchair with Cushing's Syndrome.

$2.5 million

Montgomery County, Alabama

Rite Aid, the struggling national pharmacy chain, was setback last week with a verdict in for mis-filling a prescription of pain medication with a strong steroid.

Reva Tosh's

In late 2006, a pharmacist for Rite Aid, and its wholly owned subsidiary Harco Drugs, mistakenly filled prescription of pain medication for rheumatoid arthritis with the powerful steroid Decadron.

Mrs. Tosh took large doses of the steroid for 28 days and developed Cushing's Syndrome, a disorder of the adrenal glands which caused her to suffer mental disorders and other physical ailments.

Greg Davis

Dan W. Taliaferro

"The central issue at the trial was whether Mrs. Tosh's injuries and present condition were due to the effects of the steroid she was mistakenly given or due to the effects of her existing illness of rheumatoid arthritis," noted Attorney who along with represented Mrs. Tosh and her husband, Gerald.

Davis added, "Rite Aid gave her over seven times the customary dose of steroids for almost a month, causing Mrs. Tosh, who once had an active lifestyle, to suffer from severe physical ailments and psychiatric disturbances, and confining her to a wheelchair."

Reva Tosh

$2 million


The jury, which deliberated for about three hours before returning its verdict, awarded in compensatory damages for her injuries, and awarded her husband for the loss of his wife's companionship and services.

District of Columbia

February 28, 2009

Rite Aid Corporation operates its drugstores in 31 states across the country and in the . As of , it operated 4,901 stores. In its stores, Rite Aid sells prescription drugs and an assortment of other merchandise, which it calls front-end products.

February 28, 2009

During the fiscal year ended (fiscal 2009), prescription drug sales accounted for 67.2% of its total sales.

Source: Law Office of Greg Davis

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