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These Samsca references will be helpful for patients and physicians alike. Samsca is used as a treatment for hyponatremia, a common problem with CKD.

Samsca Patient Education — Medscape

Designed as a handout that can either be read online or printed for patients, this site provides information about what Samsca is used for and how it should be taken. All information is written in simplified, easy-to-read language. Three sections on this page — side effects, precautions, and drug interactions – will serve as an easy reference guide for patients that answers questions about missing a dose, adverse reactions to the drug, when Samsca should and should not be taken, and more. The site also discusses precautions patients should take before beginning Samsca.

About Samsca for Medical Professionals

Samsca’s educational page for medical professionals outlines drug indications and clinical aims: to promote free water clearance and initiate the onset of the aquaretic effect. Clinical studies that demonstrated Samsca’s effectiveness are explained in detail, as well as recommended dosages, safety information, and possible side effects. The site also provides guidelines that physicians can use in choosing patients who would benefit from Samsca.

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