Millions Skipping Second COVID-19 Vaccine Shot


The US will send unused vaccines to India to help combat the growing pandemic.

This article was originally published in ContagionLive.

A new report shows around 5 million people (8%) of people in the US have skipped the second appointment for the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, more than double the rate that occurred in the first weeks of the vaccine rollout.

Public health experts are worried, and plan to gear up a more aggressive campaign to try and get people to vaccinate.

In other news, the Biden administration is set to supply India, who is being ravaged by the coronavirus, with raw materials for vaccine creation, diagnostic testing kits, ventilators, and personal protective gear.

India is currently reporting record daily COVID-19 numbers, with the past 5 days breaking world records for case numbers. Despite this, fewer than 10% of Indian citizens have been fully vaccinated, as many have criticized the government’s inoculation efforts.

Lastly, the European Union has announced that American citizens who have been fully vaccinated will be able to visit this summer, after more than a year where nonessential travel has been shut down. The news is a welcomed sign that life is somewhat returning to normal.

United States

228.66 million

68.37 per 100


224.9 million

15.63 per 100


139.19 million

10.09 per 100

United Kingdom

46.25 million

68.13 per 100


38.03 million

17.89 per 100


25.45 million

30.37 per 100


21.13 million

25.05 per 100


19.54 million

28.67 per 100


18.57 million

6.79 per 100


18.15 million

12.44 per 100

Data Table per Our World in Data (April 26, 2021, 12 AM EST)

In the US, vaccination rates are falling despite a high national caseload fueled by variants of COVID-19. On Saturday, more than 50,000 new cases were reported, similar to numbers from the second wave that occurred during this past summer. However, average vaccine doses being given each day have dropped to their lowest level since the end of March.



72.88 per 100



62.00 per 100

New York


75.73 per 100



67.33 per 100



74.42 per 100



71.11 per 100



68.46 per 100

New Jersey


77.77 per 100



67.78 per 100

North Carolina


64.14 per 100

Data Table per CDC COVID-19 Tracker (April 25, 2021, 6 AM EST)

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