Wright, MD: Our final slide is really a call to action. Inflammatory arthritis patients have delays in diagnosis for a multitude of reasons, whether it’s because chiropractors don’t want to lose their livelihood or because people just don’t know that this is inflammatory and not mechanical, but I think we can take this and just with our own circles educate our colleagues that early disease treated early limits damage and improves quality of life.

If that’s the call to action that we all can walk away with then I would feel fantastic, and you can leave this call tonight knowing that Grace is happy because I don’t think that we change or move the needle until we get everybody driving towards early detection, early treatment, appropriate treatment, and restricting damage.

We still see a separation where physicians don’t necessarily talk at that level while practicing medicine, but if we can actually engage in conversation where we get the 3 specialties in the room, whether it’s gynecology, rheumatology, or primary care, to have a conversation about when she complains of this, think this. Or for the gynecologist, when the patient gets this, think about that, and here’s a preliminary work up that you can do so that we don’t have these young people sitting around for 10 years going through all sorts of therapies, none of which are transformative at all.

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