Telemedicine Stethoscope System Lets Docs Monitor Heartbeats Remotely

Ontario Telemedicine Network has inked an agreement with Zargis Medical to deploy a telemedicine stethoscope system across its sites.

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Nearly a year ago, Zargis Medical popped up on our radar after they were approved as an iPhone app developer. At the time, we were excited because they had recently paired their analytic software with the Littmann Bluetooth stethoscope, allowing for cardiac sounds to be analyzed on a laptop.

Thinklabs soon after came out with an iPhone app that essentially did the same thing, suggesting that freeing this system from the laptop was something that innovators were moving towards.

So you can imagine our interest as the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) has just signed an agreement with Zargis Medical to deploy their telemedicine stethoscope system across OTN’s 1,000-plus clinical sites.

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