The Connected Clinican: Top Stories of the Week for September 15


Stay connected and up-to-date in health care news with the Connected Clinician top stories of the week for the week of September 15.

What does the future of healthcare treatment entail? The top headlines of MD Magazine this week may have painted a clear picture. From another biosimilar looking to come down the pipeline, to research on depression's link to cognition and receptors, to an in vitro blood-brain barrier device for stroke patients, recent news has been addled with major discoveries and leaps and bounds of treatment development.

For any stories you missed or wanted to read again, here's the Connection Clinician's top stories of the week!

Comprehensive Asthma Interventions Effective in Real-World Communities

The CHAMPS study demonstrated that comprehensive asthma interventions proven efficacious in controlled trial settings can be effectively implemented in diverse communities.

Janssen Drops Out of HCV Development for Hepatitis B

Johnson & Johnson's pharmaceuticals company is discontiuing pursuits of triple-combination treatment JNJ-4178.

Summit Therapeutics Wins $62M to Spur Development of Ridinilazole for C. Difficile

The BARDA contract funds a specified portion of estimated costs related to the drug’s development.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Could Dampen Inflammation in Patients with MS

Researchers trying to unpack the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids were able to trigger a process that appears to reduce inflammation and could be beneficial to patients with MS.

Cocoa Compound Found to Have Positive Effect on Diabetes Management

A substance known as epicatechin monomers helps the body release more insulin and respond more efficiently to increased blood glucose, which could in turn benefit type 2 diabetics.

Shingles Vaccine Shingrix Gets FDA Panel Backing

An expert advisory board voted 11-0 in confidence of the vaccine's safety and efficacy trial data Wednesday.

Could Influenza Trigger a Multiple Sclerosis Relapse?

The influenza virus triggered multiple sclerosis relapses in mice models.

Older Adults Have Increased Risk for Health Anxiety

The study authors theorized that there are further connections between age and HA, with older adults having significantly more HA than younger adults.

FDA Permits Marketing of reSET Mobile App for SUD Treatment

The reSET app is the first mobile medical application to treat substance use disorders.

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