The Connected Clinician: Top Stories of the Week for November 3


Stay connected and up-to-date in health care news with the Connected Clinician top stories of the week for the week of November 3.

HIV/AIDS, HCV, Zika, Canagliflozin, Ebola, Pregnancy

Infectious disease has a propensity of making headlines. From the Zika virus epidemic and Ebola outbreaks, to ongoing pursuits to eradicate HIV/AIDs and Hepatitis C, public health’s battle against infection is an always-important discussion.

HIV Discovered Hiding in Overlooked Memory T Cells

New Screening Guidelines for Pregnant Women at HCV Risk

HCV Spikes In Pregnant Wisconsin Women

AbbVie Announces Positive Elagolix Phase 3 Data

Alkermes Announces Schizophrenia Therapy Studies

HIV Vaccine Needed to End Pandemic

NIAID Assures Standards Maintained in Rush to Develop Ebola Vaccine

Dr. Aaron Brault, PhD: Sexual Transmission of Zika Through Animal Models

Are Health Care Providers Doing Enough for Patients with Obesity?

Canagliflozin Returns Renal Strengths in CANVAS Trial

Even in a week marked by on-scene reporting at MS Paris 2017 and the Annual CHEST Meeting, infectious disease coverage filled MD Magazine. Take a look back, with the Connected Clinician Top Stories of the Week:While about 5% of HIV is genetically intact, the small percentage prevents the immune system from fully destroying HIV. As many as 8% of pregnant women worldwide are infected with HCV.A new study of HCV infection rates among pregnant women in Wisconsin comes at a time of increased concern about opioid abuse.In 2 extension studies, no new safety concerns were identified for the 12-month treatment period.ARISTADA is being investigated as a possible extended-release injectable suspension, as well as INVEGA SUSTENNA in patients with acute exacerbation of schizophrenia. NIAID emphasizes importance of an effective HIV vaccine to achieve a durable end to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.A newly published phase 2 trial described a unique collaborative effort to test 2 candidate vaccines in Liberia against the 2013 Ebola outbreak.An arbovirologist discusses what animal models tell us about the sexual transmission of Zika virus.The ACTION study revealed that there are several barriers to achieving a healthier lifestyle being faced by patients with obesity.Janssen's T2D drug for CV risks is undergoing a kidney disease-based phase 3 trial now.

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