The Social Media List for Physicians


Check out this collection of social media sites for physicians.

I’ve been playing with the list of community sites that Dr. Bertalan Mesko of ScienceRoll put together for scientists and physicians, and have found some real gems (in the list AND the subsequent comments) that I’ll share here with you. (As a note, I try to hit the services that are free, unless I think a practice or a hospital is extremely likely to get ROI.)

Sciweavers — Academic Network, Information, and Tools

Not just for medical professionals, Sciweavers offers an abundance of information ranging from conferences to web tools, and more. For example, I performed a search on oncology and came up with 40 different titles written on topics such as “3D-Interaction Techniques for Planning of Oncologic Soft Tissue Operations” and “A Technological Infrastructure Design for a Pediatric Oncology Network.”

Labspaces — Blogs and News

There’s a tab for tech that this week covers topics running from juvenile diabetes (think: prosthetic pancreas) to warfare (camouflage and perception).

Voices of Physicians — Healthcare Reform

This website was developed by Doctors of America and is intended to make the concerns of physicians and medical students across the country available to Congress and the American public. The home page sports an interactive map that you can click on to see the names and concerns of physicians by location. Sign up to add yours.

iCons in Medicine — Medical Volunteer Alliance

This website is run by an organization founded to improve healthcare in underserved areas using technology and social networks. Physicians who volunteer can participate in a telehealth program, in which they provide consultation to healthcare providers working in remote or otherwise underserved areas.

Scitable — Online Library and Learning Tool

So, if you have any doubt about the resources of this online library service, let me tell you that it’s run by Nature Publishing Group. Yeah, that Nature Publishing Group. It’s free, and currently focuses on genetics and cell biology, but offers tools that allow you to connect with other professionals, build online classrooms, and share content.

medCrowd — Medical Professional Collaboration

With a concept called “crowd sourcing,” medCrowd provides a forum in which physicians and healthcare providers can consult with each other on patient care, diagnoses, and treatments. Membership is free to physicians.

In Beta: Ozmosis

This is described as an online medical knowledge exchange which aggregates the experience of its physician members for the purpose of sharing reliable clinical, practice management, and health policy information.


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