The World's First Chronic Pain Spinal Stimulation System of Its Kind is Here


The world's first and only non-rechargeable, upgradeable spinal cord stimulation system could change the way that physicians treat chronic pain.

The world’s first and only non-rechargeable, upgradeable spinal cord stimulation system could change the way that physicians treat chronic pain.

Chronic pain affects 100 million people worldwide and can be managed through different approaches. Some physicians opt for the prescription pad while others recommend physical therapy. Each patient is different, of course, but some could benefit from a new technique. St. Jude Medical Inc. announced the launch of the Proclaim Elite Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) System, but there’s a catch — as of now, it’s only set to be available in Europe.

“We developed the Proclaim Elite SCS system to create a more patient-centric spinal cord stimulation therapy option. With the launch of this device we are transforming the standard of care by packaging a series of important benefits into a single SCS device,” Allen Burton, MD, medical director of neuromodulation and vice president of medical affairs at St. Jude Medical, explained in a news release.

Using physician and patient feedback, the researchers developed the system to hit key concerns. The SCS system is non-rechargeable and can be controlled using Bluetooth wireless technology and Apple mobile devices. Another important component of the system is that it’s upgradeable, meaning that although surgery is needed to implantation, another would not be required for new SCS technologies.

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“With the Proclaim system, we’re seeing a shift in the SCS treatment paradigm as we move to a device that’s capable of delivering effective therapy tailored to a patient’s pain condition but that requires no device recharging,” Burton said.

Some patients may respond better to tradition SCS treatment while others benefit from burst stimulation. The new system encompasses both which helps provide pain relief to different kinds of patients, including those who do not maintain relief over time.

“By combining burst stimulation and upgradeability in a non-rechargeable device, this innovative technology ensures physicians are more empowered to deliver therapy that can appropriately address our patients’ pain while keeping them on the forefront of therapy advancements as they are approved and securing access to MRI head and extremity scans if needed,” Frank Huygen, MD, PhD, an anesthesiologist and pain specialist from Erasmus MC Hospital in the Netherlands.

There’s no word of when the device will hit the American market, but we can only hope that success in Europe will help the system cross the Atlantic.

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