Tragic Update on French Drug Trial Gone Wrong

A drug trial in France has officially gone from bad to worse.

A drug trial in France has officially gone from bad to worse.

On January 15 we learned that one participant was declared brain dead and five additional participants were hospitalized after taking part in a phase I clinical trial. The trial was testing an experimental molecule for a painkiller, a FAAH enzyme inhibitor. The University Hospital of Rennes revealed that the participant who had been declared brain dead passed away on January 17.

Out of the 128 participants, 90 were given the drug at different dosage levels and the remainder were given a placebo. BIAL, a Portuguese pharmaceutical company, developed the drug and said that 108 patients had used the drug with any moderate or serious problems.

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“Our thoughts and solidarity go out to the family of this volunteer,” a statement from Bial said.

Bial says that they continue to follow the other hospitalized participants and are working with the Health Authorities.

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