New Innovations iOS4 Update Allows Healthcare Professionals to Track Procedures Easier


The updated version of New Innovations, a tool designed to track procedures and hours worked, allows users to add new features and improve their apps.

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As a medical resident, our program uses New Innovations web service to track procedures and duty hours. If your program happens to use New Innovations, then their recently updated iOS4 app is a must have!

I’m always a fan of any app that going to save me time, money or energy, and this app does two out of the three (not bad for being free). I’ve been using their GME application for over a year now, however until their most recent update, it only served as a procedure logger, and was fairly limited at that.

There were no options for saving your user name or password, and although it was great to have a quick way to instantly keep track of procedures, I just wasn’t using it every day.

With the roll out of iOS4, many app developers are using the opportunity not only to add new features, but to polish up their apps as well, and this one happens to reap the benefits.

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