Author | Jan Gurley, MD


Haiti Storms, Cholera and You: Time to Thank Your Toilet

November 08, 2010


Reflections of a recent trip to Haiti to provide care, with a video meant to help fight cholera -please pass it along.

Is There a Surgical Media-Celebrity Monopoly?

April 23, 2010


Line 'em up and take a count: Mehmet Oz, Nancy Snyderman, Manny Alvarez, Atul Gawande, and Sanjay Gupta (surgeon, surgeon, surgeon, surgeon, and...oh wait, what a surprise...surgeon).

Chile (and Haiti, and Katrina…): Preparedness lessons for you and me

March 01, 2010


We've entered a new arena of horror where our Richter scale, for the first time, doesn't seem to reach high enough, and adjectives are crumbling under the impact. "Devastation" or "catastrophe"? None of the usual descriptors feel powerful enough.

Haiti Traveling

February 22, 2010


How quickly we humans normalize even the most extreme scenario - as long as we see it over and over. By now, it seems perfectly normal for our fringed-draped bus to 4-wheel it over piles of rubble.