FDA Approves Opioid Agonist Oliceridine

August 07, 2020


The indication limits the new opioid to clinical setting use—no take-home prescriptions.

Pilot Program Increases Prescribers of Medication For Opioid Use Disorder

June 29, 2020


The project demonstrates success in increasing availability and access of opioid-related services to residents of rural counties experiencing high overdose rates.

Prolonged Opioid Use After Surgery May Burden Public Health

June 26, 2020


It is important to evaluate opioid use among patients before surgery to modify patient-level risk factors.

Combined CBT and Pharmacotherapy Effective For Substance Use Disorder

June 19, 2020


The combined treatment is more effective than usual care and pharmacotherapy for adults with alcohol or substance use disorder.

Nearly 1-in-10 Heart Surgery Patients Develops Persistent Opioid Use

June 18, 2020


New research from Penn Medicine indicates 9.6% of heart surgery patients develop persistent opioid use post-procedure.

High-Potency Cannabis Linked to Poor Mental Health

June 02, 2020


High-potency cannabis use led to an increase in cannabis use frequency, as well as cannabis problems.

Electronic Cigarette Use Might Cause Lung Dysfunction

May 17, 2020


Electronic nicotine device use could lead to a number of respiratory outcomes such as wheezing and dry coughs.

Substance Abuse Disorders Particularly Concerning During COVID-19 Pandemic

April 27, 2020


In a virtual APA session, Nora D. Volkow, MD, discusses how vaping can increase the risk of individuals of developing infections from the coronavirus.

Explaining the Pathways of Alcohol Abuse

April 27, 2020


A look at the 3 stages of alcohol abuse and the state of mental health throughout it.

Treating, Understanding Substance Use in Pregnant Women

April 26, 2020


Substance use is common in as many as 10% of pregnant women in the US. What are the risks of each substances, and what are the proven methods of treatment?