Developmental Disabilities Linked to Greater Pediatric Asthma Risk

July 02, 2020


ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, seizures, and even developmental delays are asssociated with a two-fold risk of asthma in US children.

Link Found Between ADHD and Sleep Issues in Adolescents

June 18, 2020


ADHD symptoms are highly comorbid with insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and snoring.

FDA Approves ADHD Game-Based Digital Therapeutic

June 16, 2020


In multiple clinical trials, investigators do not find any serious adverse events.

Maternal Hypertension Increases Risk of Mental Health Disorders in Children

April 20, 2020


New research suggests the presence of a maternal hypertensive disorder predicts increased risk of childhood mental disorder, regardless of mental disorder status of the parents.

Maternal Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Risk of ADHD in Offspring

February 14, 2020


Maternal age and socioeconomic satus are associated with both offspring ADHD and maternal vitamin D level.

Systematic Review Highlights Pediatric Medical Overuse

February 04, 2020


Pediatric practices must prevent unnecessary medical care and potential patient harm.

Medication Adherence a Major Issue for Children with ADHD

February 04, 2020


Investigators find that male children have higher odds of taking ADHD medication than female children.

Pediatric Primary Care Visits Declining Since 2008

January 22, 2020


As out-of-pocket costs increased, the number of pediatric primary care visits began to plummet.

Rachel Alinsky, MD, MPH: How Providers Help Adolescents Access Opioid Care

January 15, 2020


A pediatrics expert discusses how providers can help patients access medications and appropriate opioid use disorder treatment.