April 2014

How to Distinguish Panic Disorder from Panic Attacks

April 22, 2014

Consultant's Corner

Panic attacks are common, but by themselves, they are not a disorder. When the attacks become the focal point of one's mental life, then the diagnosis of panic disorder is appropriate.

Certifying Competency and Proficiency: The 'Right Thing' to Do

April 17, 2014

Editor's Letter

A fundamental principle of medical professionalism is meeting the public expectation of acting in the best interest of the patient and community. Put more simply, physicians are trusted to do the "right thing."

IOM Calls for Behavioral, Sociodemographic Data Collection in EHR

April 15, 2014

The HIT List

The Institute of Medicine recently released a list of core social and behavioral health factors it suggests should be captured in all electronic health records to help healthcare providers more effectively influence patient outcomes.

Persistent Thumb Lesion in a Middle-aged Man

April 11, 2014

Dermatology Quiz

A 57-year-old man presented to clinic with this persistent skin lesion on his thumb. Three months ago, he lanced the lesion, producing some purulence and blood. Since then, it has bled almost daily and has not healed. He was treated with silver nitrate by another clinician after one month, but the lesion persists. His past medical history is significant for diabetes and his family history is significant for 2 cousins with melanoma.

Annual Mammography Not Superior to Standard Care on Breast Cancer Mortality

April 07, 2014

FPR Journal Club

Mammography screening has conflicting efficacy results in the medical literature, as some clinical studies have shown little or no effect, while others have demonstrated decreased mortality in women aged 40 and older, with the largest effect in those aged 50-59 years.