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February 2012

Clinicians Have Several Options for Treating Postherpetic Neuralgia

February 20, 2012

Feature Articles

Specialists may differ on the nuances of treatment protocol when it comes to treating shingles (herpes zoster) and postherpetic neuralgia, but many agree on broad principles that can help primary care physicians diagnose and treat both conditions.

Persistent Pediatric Pain: New Paradigms, Improved Prognoses

February 20, 2012

Cover Story

In recent years, physicians' thinking has changed when it comes to evaluating pain in patients. Now, rather than looking at pain as being merely a symptom of an underlying disorder, many clinicians are now focusing on the pain itself, and changing their approach to how they treat it.

Urine Drug Testing, Treatment Compliance, and Managing Risk in Pain Management: A Q&A with Joshua Gunn, PhD

February 20, 2012

Feature Q&A

"Urine drug testing (UDT) has become a widely utilized tool across many specialties. Although it was traditionally used more by pain specialists due to concerns over prescription drug abuse, diversion, and misuse, it has become something that family physicians and non-pain specialists rely on more than ever..." A Q&A with Joshua Gunn, PhD

By the Numbers: Arthritis

February 18, 2012


A look at arthritis statistics, including the estimated number of US adults with rheumatoid arthritis, the number of children in the US under age 18 diagnosed with arthritis, the number of new drugs/indications/formulations to treat arthritis approved by the FDA in 2011, and more.