Reading Room: Advanced Portfolio Management

Physician's Money DigestJuly31 2004
Volume 11
Issue 14

AdvancedPortfolio Management

Maintaining a portfolio can be adaunting task for even some ofthe most experienced investors. Thisproves especially true in today's everchangingmarket, where investors caneasily lose track of new and importantinvestment strategies. Registered investmentadvisor Stuart ChaussÉe providesinvaluable advice in his book ($29.95; PalisadeBusiness Press; 2002) for physician-investorslooking to enhance their portfolio'sperformance while successfullyregulating its risk.

AdvancedPortfolio Management

The book takes an in-depth look atequity investing and gives investors helpfulstrategies for managing their portfolios.ChaussÉe's straightforward writingstyle makes even the most overwhelmingportfolio management strategies abreeze to grasp. In addition, includes a multitudeof tables and detailed examples toillustrate ChaussÉe's points as well as anappendix, glossary, and list of Web sitesfor easy reference. While the book offersa vast wealth of information, readers willbe able to maneuver easily through thechapters to find what they need.

Advanced Portfolio Management

Though there's no foolproof way tohaving a successful and healthy portfolio,you can safeguard your investments bykeeping your financial knowledge updated. is avaluable addition to any physician-investor'slibrary.

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