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Physician's Money DigestJuly31 2004
Volume 11
Issue 14

The following Web sites can help physicians better evaluate stocks:

  • Yahoo! Finance ( com): In addition to providing company news, Yahoo! is a good source for historical prices. It provides the price for any stock on any date.

MultexInvestor (www.multexin This Web site uses all of the tools mentioned here to show how a particular stock stands in relation to its industry and sector. Enter a ticker symbol and click on "ratios and comparisons" to evaluate a stock.

  • Morningstar (www.morningstar. com): Morningstar is a good source for information on mutual fund ownership.

CBS MarketWatch ( Here you'll find the 50- day moving average chart.

  • Quicken ( Quicken has its own stock evaluation system that charts the performance of companies vs industries over the past 10 years.
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