Solo Retirement Plans

Physician's Money DigestJune30 2004
Volume 11
Issue 12

If you're self-employed, a categorythat many doctors fit into, you haveseveral choices when it comes to puttingmoney away for retirement. The easiestare the simplified employee pension planand the savings incentive match plan foremployees IRA. Those slightly morecomplicated ones are Keogh, group401(k), and solo 401(k) plans, but theylet you deposit more cash. Doctors gettingcloser to retirement may want tolook into 412(i) plans. They have no limitson contributions and let you reduceyour taxable income by the amount youput in. A 412(i) is a defined-benefit planthat also provides asset protection.Money in the 412(i) plan is protectedfrom creditors, as well as successfulmalpractice litigants, under the EmployeeRetirement Income Security Act,and is tax-deferred until you withdrawit. For more facts, contact the ProfessionalBenefits Group (732-936-9900;

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