Tax Records: What to Keep

Physician's Money DigestJune15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 11

You've sent in your Form 1040 andput a copy in your filing cabinet. If younoticed that the filing cabinet is startingto suffer from overload, now's the time totake steps to clear the clutter. Start withthings like bank statements and utilitybills—after a year, you can chuck them. Alot of other supporting documentation,like receipts for charitable gifts, can bethrown out after 3 years. That's the windowfor the IRS to call you in for anaudit. Hang on to the 1040s themselves,however, and don't throw away stockrecords until you sell the investments—you'll need them for the cost basis.Paperwork on house closing costs andany major home repairs should also bekept on file until you sell the house.

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