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Physician's Money DigestJune15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 11

(Forbes, 2004)

$832 million—Current value of the New York Yankees.

(Forbes, 2004)

$145 million—Current value of the Montreal Expos.

(BusinessWeek, 2004)

$184 million—Opening day payroll for the New York Yankees.

(Major League Baseball, 2004)

$2.5 million—Average salary for a Major League Baseball player in 2004.

(Gallup Poll, 2004)

91%—Percentage of Americans who think pro baseball players should be tested for steroids.

(IRS, 2004)

40%—Percentage of individual income tax returns that report no tax liability.

(BusinessWeek, 2004)

23%—Percentage of Americans who plan to use their income tax refund for savings.

$227,490—Federal income taxes paid in 2003 by George and Laura Bush. (Time, 2004)

(National Journal, 2004)

75%—Percentage of the US population that lives within 100 miles of a coast.

(InfoTrends Research, 2004)

40%—Percentage of US households that own a digital camera.

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