Do-Not-Call Rings the Bell

Physician's Money DigestJune15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 11

The do-not-call registry recently setup by the Federal Trade Commission hasto rank as one of the government's moresuccessful consumer advocacy efforts,according to the results of a recent HarrisPoll. The survey shows that awarenessof the registry jumped from 71% lastSeptember to 91% in February of thisyear. In addition, almost six of 10 respondentshad put their phone numbers on thedo-not-call list and more than half ofthose reported that they were gettingsignificantly fewer telemarketing calls.Another 25% of those who have signedup said they are getting no telemarketingcalls; only 6% said they were getting thesame number or even more calls thanbefore they signed up. If you have notregistered your phone numbers, do so at888-382-1222 or

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