Win for American Cars

Physician's Money Digest, June15 2004, Volume 11, Issue 11


In the annual reliability survey, there are few surprises at thetop. Japanese makes, including Toyota, Honda,Nissan, and Mazda, scored high marks,as usual. A mild shocker, however, wasthe showing of Detroit's Big Threeautomakers, both overall and againsttheir European competition. Models likeChrysler's Jeep Liberty and PT Cruiserscored above average. The Buick Regaltopped all competitors in the family sedancategory. In contrast, all Mercedes-Benzmodels were judged below average in reliability,a record matched by Audi, Jaguar,Land Rover, and Volkswagen. Americancars did better than European cars asthey aged, too; the average 2-year-olddomestic car had 60 problems per 100vehicles, compared with 67 per 100 forEuropean makes.