Reading Room: Brokerage Fraud

Physician's Money DigestJune15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 11

Brokerage Fraud: What Wall StreetDoesn't Want You to Know

Imagine a dishonest stockbroker tearingdown a portfolio that has taken a physician-investortheir whole life to build. This happensmore than we'd like to think. What's worse,many don't even realize they have beenfooled. Most who do smell a scam don't takeaction once they've realized what has happened. ($24.95; DearbornTrade Publishing; 2002) by Tracy Pride Stonemanand Douglas J. Schulz gives the trusting, unwaryphysician-investor the lowdown on brokerage fraud.

The conversational text includes a widerange of information on the stock exchangeindustry. It uncovers the most common abusesin brokerage accounts and how to spotthem, the tricks and defenses investmentfirms use to immobilize wronged investors,and conflicts of interest that occur with traditionaland online firms. The book also offerssome helpful tips on how to select an honestbroker or advisor, evaluate your current broker,and take steps to recoup your losses if you suspectyou've been wronged.

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