Did You Know…

Physician's Money DigestJuly31 2004
Volume 11
Issue 14

(Wall Street Journal, 2004)

6.5%—Percentage of all estate tax returns that are audited by the IRS.

(Fortune, 2004)

$1 billion—Average annual cost for earthquake repairs in Los Angeles County.

(National Journal, 2004)

$41.3 billion—Annual federal spending on US homeland security.

(National Journal, 2004)

264 million—Number of foreign visitors to the United States per year.

(National Journal, 2004)

$215 million—Annual revenues for the AMA.

(Harvard University, 2004)

$53,900—Cost of 1 year's tuition, fees, supplies, and living expenses at Harvard Medical School.

(Money, 2004)

$250 million—Anticipated profits for director Mel Gibson on his film The Passion of the Christ.

(Folio, 2004)

$93,561—Current average annual salary for a consumer magazine editor-in-chief.

(Ad Age, 2004)

1.1 million—Average daily circulation of the New York Times.

(Ad Age, 2004)

2.1 million—Average daily circulation of USA Today.

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