Doctors - Help Us Ring in the 10th Year

Physician's Money DigestApril30 2004
Volume 11
Issue 8

My dad says that physiciansare "lifetime students." Iagree. You occasionally remindus how this magazinehas helped you to be better informedabout your personal economics.

Our popular money magazine forphysicians will celebrate its 10th anniversaryin the fall. When we launched backin September 1994, some said we had alot more guts than brains. The all too frequentobservations were: "It won't makeit–doctors already get enough stuff," or,"Come on, doctors already have enoughmoney." Little did we realize?

Docs Get It

Being generally sensible people, physiciansdo react to useful printed words. TheAMA found that, at least for clinical information,doctors reacted positively to whatthey read. About 85% of doctors said theyhave made "changes" to their practiceafter reading a medical education article.

Those results make sense. Accordingto our own reader survey by SimmonsResearch, about 80% of physicians saidthey took financial action as a result ofreading something in this magazine.Moreover, another 75% of readers saidthey saved an entire issue or an article touse for future reference.

In my nearly 10 years as the editor ofthis publication, I've learned a few things.As a professional who's always looking toeducate and entertain busy physician-readers,among the most important are:

  • Most doctors are not savvy aboutmoney and personal finances.
  • Most doctors want to make theirfinancial life more prosperous and secure.

As we begin the process of markingour first decade of producing this nowimportant and respected magazine, theeditors are looking for more insight fromour devoted readers.

Tell Us More

Any thoughts, ideas, or commentswould be greatly appreciated. For example,what do you like best about themagazine? What are your greatest concernsregarding your financial future?How can we improve our publication?The plan is to incorporate the responsesinto the magazine in the coming months.

In addition to comments about themagazine, please provide your name,hometown and state, years in practice,and medical specialty. Send them to:

Physician's Money Digest241 Forsgate Drive Jamesburg, NJ 08831 Attn: Greg Kelly, Editor or send an e-mail

Please take a few moments to brieflyjot down your ideas and pass them alongto us. We're counting on you, doctor.

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