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Physician's Money DigestApril30 2004
Volume 11
Issue 8

(USA Today, 2004)

1.7 million –Number of bankruptcy filings last year.

(US Census Bureau, 2004)

33%–Percentage of all married people who reach their 25th anniversary.

(GE Financial, 2004)

$57,700 –Current average cost for a year of nursing home care.

(US Office of Management & Budget, 2004)

30.6%–Total US government spending (federal, state, and local) as a percentage of the gross domestic product.

(New York Post, 2004)

32,000 –Average number of 911 calls per day in New York City.

(Fortune, 2004)

$14.4 billion –Total annual spending (public and private) on cancer research.

(Harris Poll, 2004)

57%–Percentage of US public school teachers who are "very satisfied" with their career.

(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2004)

110 million –Annual number of US emergency room visits.

(National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2004)

1.5 million –Annual number of US arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol.

(Wall Street Journal, 2004)

72%–Percentage of all medical malpractice cases that are dropped or decided for the physician.

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