Reading Room: We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Physician's Money DigestApril30 2004
Volume 11
Issue 8

We're Not In KansasAnymore

The path toward a comfortableand secure retirementis anything but clear-cut thesedays. With people having torely on themselves more thanever now to flesh out theirown retirement plans, it is easyto become lost in a sea of governmentretirement programs andcompany stock options. Don't losehope. By arming yourself with theknowledge of various retirement planningoptions, you can put some of yourretirement worries to ease. For busyphysicians, ($24.00; Crown Business;2004), by Walter Updegrave, offersrealistic and practical advice.

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The book provides a multitudeof tools and resources,including investment forecasttechniques to help you achieveoptimal results for your retirementplan. Written in an encouragingvoice, Updegrave, asenior editor of ,presents a basic blueprint forretirement that can be tailored easily toyour preferences.

We're Not In KansasAnymore

Oftentimes, the ride down the retirementpath can be unpredictable and consequentlyunnerving, but wise saving andinvesting choices can help make it asmoother ride. will prove to be a helpful guideto lead you in your journey.

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