Car Loan Rates

Physician's Money DigestApril30 2004
Volume 11
Issue 8

When savvy buyers shop for ahouse, they do research on mortgagerates first to find the best deal. Thesame applies when you buy a car;knowing what the going rates are on acar loan can help you avoid being stuckwith a high-interest loan. Try your bankfirst, but also look into online lenderslike Capital One Auto Finance (, which iscurrently offering rates as low as 3.49%on 3-year new-car loans. Also checkwith your credit union if you belong toone. Credit unions often offer loans atlower rates than banks. When you hagglewith the dealer for the best price,don't mention financing or any trade-ins.After you've bargained for the bestprice on the car, ask about credit.Armed with your research, you canhaggle for the best financing deal.

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