Better Shopping

Physician's Money Digest, March31 2004, Volume 11, Issue 6

A busy physician-shopper has a missionto find a product quickly, evaluate it,pay for it, and leave the store. Unfortunately,according to Walker Information,a market research firm, consumersare not having an overall greatshopping experience these days. Theirnational survey found that 55% of consumersare not loyal to the stores theyshop. They stick with a retailer because ofhabit or convenience and because theydon't think they have a better choice.Another 12% surveyed maintained thatthey had an unsatisfactory shoppingexperience and may not return to thestore. The survey found that shoppers areso starved for help that 41% would bewilling to pay more for a product if theyreceived qualified sales assistance. Theshoppers, not surprisingly, find thatcheckout times are far too long and thatproducts are difficult to locate, especiallyin home improvement stores.