Bizarre Insurance Policies

Physician's Money DigestApril15 2004
Volume 11
Issue 7

So you think you have enough insurancecoverage? Check out theseextreme policies taken out withLloyd's of London:

  • A grain of rice with the Queen's portraitengraved on it is insured against theft oraccidental cookery.
  • Cutty Sark, the Scotch whiskey company,offered a reward of a million British pounds toanyone who could capture the Loch Nessmonster alive. Lloyd's covers Cutty's liability ifthey ever have to pay up.
  • A few policies insure the unicorn againstdeath or disease.
  • A racetrack in England paid around $400 toinsure all race-goers against being kidnapped byspacemen and having microchips implanted.
  • 100,000 Americans are covered againstbeing kidnapped by space aliens, with doublepayment if the kidnap victim is impregnatedby extraterrestrials.
  • 40,000 people have insured againsttheir homes being haunted by ghosts.
  • 250,000 are covered against a Yeti orBigfoot attack.
  • 60,000 are covered against being turnedinto a vampire or werewolf.
  • 20 members of a Whiskers' Club onceinsured their beards against fire or theft.
  • Bruce Springsteen insured his voice for$5.6 million. Angie Dickinson and Jamie LeeCurtis each valued their legs at $1 million. Fashionmodel Petra Morgan pays $86,000 a year to insureher breasts for $16 million.

Taken from "World's Biggest Insurer Takes on AllRisks," by Paul Bannister, a freelance reporter for

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