Credit Report Delay

Physician's Money DigestFebruary29 2004
Volume 11
Issue 4

Checking your credit report is amuch-publicized method of fightingidentity theft because it lets you pinpointany suspicious activity that might alertyou to the fact that a crook is using youridentity to obtain credit. One of thelinchpins of the new law on credit transactionsis guaranteed access to a freecopy of your report annually. Don't holdyour breath until that happens, however.What Congress mandates, the federalbureaucracy must codify, and many governmentwatchers predict it will be earlynext year before rules and regulationsare written and approved to allow consumersto obtain a free report. In themeantime, you can purchase copies ofyour report from all three credit-reportingbureaus for $29.95. Go to Equifax( for details.

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