Get the New Year Off to an Excellent Start

Physician's Money DigestJanuary31 2004
Volume 11
Issue 2

<p align=justify>Every New Year, physicians

goals that they're hoping to

you are building a financial plan, you'll

The following are some of the basics:

&#8226; <b>Don't sacrifice your goals.</b> The bear

but you shouldn't fall into the trap of

the future may be the only way you'll be

or pay for your children's education.

mean you can't achieve your goals; it simply

</p><p align=justify>

sure you're contributing as much as possible

Even though recent legislation lowered

returns. However, traditional IRAs and

you defer taxes until retirement. Roth

Section 529 plans offer the potential for

</p><p align=justify>

retirement plan, you shouldn't be tempted

for your retirement. Perhaps it's

other rising income alternatives for the

balance. And it may be time to trim your

which might be vulnerable to loss in

could be on the horizon.

&#8226; <b>Take a disciplined approach.</b> Rather

save what's left over, you should save first

remaining amount. Because dividends are

are generally stable, reinvesting them is yet

your savings. In addition, with the

Reconciliation Act of 2003, dividends on

companies are now taxed at a lower 15%

attractive than ever.

&#8226; <b>Get going today.</b> While investing

is still possible to make your money work

physician-investors was the mistaken

and that something as basic as an investment

</p><p align=justify>

investments, and a financial

Hillsborough, NJ. He welcomes

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