Interest-Only Mortgage

Physician's Money DigestJanuary31 2004
Volume 11
Issue 2

The new big push by mortgagelenders is for interest-only mortgages.The lure is lower monthly payments,which can appeal to budget-conscioushomebuyers. On a 30-year, $240,000loan at 6%, for example, the monthlypayment on an interest-only mortgagewould be almost $240 less than the paymenton a traditional mortgage. After theinterest-only period is up, in usually 5 to7 years, the monthly payment wouldgrow by almost $350, or more than $100over the payment for the traditionalmortgage. Based on those figures, if youlive in the house for the entire 30-year lifeof the mortgage, the interest-only featurewould cost you an extra $17,800. Yoursavings don't turn into losses until about15 years into the mortgage, however, so ifyou think you'll be in the house for lesstime than that, an interest-only mortgagemay be worth a look.

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