Survive the Mutual Fund Fiasco

Physician's Money DigestDecember15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 23


In the current mutual fun environment,shareholders need to take a moreproactive stance. A articlesuggests that the best way for physician-investors to avoid surprises is tostick with funds that treat their shareholdersfairly. The article suggests askingthe following questions: Do youroverseas funds use fair-value pricing?Under what market conditions do theyuse them? Do they levy early-redemptionfees or block timers' trades?

Factors to consider in your choice ofmutual fund companies include:

  • Fund managers as shareholders
  • Refraining from investing in hotmarket sectors
  • Keeping expenses low
  • Making timely disclosures

Adherence to these standards, consistentlyover time, is a good barometerfor making a mutual fund companyyour investment vehicle of choice.

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