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Physician's Money DigestDecember15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 23

(JAMA, 2003)

22%—Percentage decline in the number of medical school applicationsover the past 5 years.

(NewYork Times, 2003)

$919,959 —Average going price for an apartment in Manhattan.

(Fortune, 2003)

210,000 —Number of Mercedes-Benz autos sold annually in the UnitedStates.

(Harris Poll, 2003)

79%—Percentage of Americans who believe in God.

(USA Today, 2003)

64%—Percentage of Americans who trust banks/credit unions to protecttheir personal finance information.

(USA Today, 2003)

8%—Percentage of Americans who trust the federal/state governmentto protect their personal finance information.

(Congressional Budget Office, 2003)

$374 billion —Projected US federal budget deficit for fiscal year 2003.

(AssociatedPress, 2003)

$158,000 —Annual salary for members of the US Congress.

(Money, 2003)

59%—Percentage of all produced motion pictures that make money.

(Time, 2003)

60%—Percentage of Americans who suffer from some sort of sleepdisorder.

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