Cut Heating Bills

Physician's Money DigestDecember15 2003
Volume 10
Issue 23


Winter is coming, and the price ofboth natural gas and heating oil are likelyto increase. Be energy-conscious andput more money in your pocket. Start byturning the thermostat down a notch andsave up to 5% of your heating costs foreach degree you lower it. Close thedamper when there's no fire in your fireplaceand keep up to 8% of your furnace-providedheat from escaping up the chimney.Reverse ceiling fans so they pushwarm air, which rises, up against the ceilingand eventually down into the room.When buying appliances like washingmachines and refrigerators, look for theEnergy Star certification (888-782-7937; An Energy Starwashing machine, for example, can useup to 50% less energy than a standardmodel. Energy Star offers otherenergy cost–saving tips.

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