Nation on the Move

Physician's Money DigestNovember30 2003
Volume 10
Issue 22

US Census Bureau figures show thatAmericans were on the move during theclosing years of the 1990s. According to astudy based on statistics from the 2000census, close to half of the country's populationover age 5 moved into new digsfrom 1995 through 2000. Almost half ofthose who moved didn't go far, however,finding their new home in the same county.Among the nation's regions, the Southhad the biggest net gain, with 1.8 millionmore people arriving than leaving. TheNortheast and Midwest had net losses,while the West stayed even. Nevada hadthe largest percentage of movers with63%, the study shows. Only 21% ofNevadans were born there; in contrast,80% of Louisiana residents are native tothe state.

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