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Physician's Money DigestNovember30 2003
Volume 10
Issue 22

(Candy Business, 2003)

23.2 pounds—Average amount of candy an American consumes in ayear.

(Forbes, 2003)

64%—Percentage of all mutual funds that underperform their indexes.

(Gallup Poll, 2003)

60%—Percentage of Americans who thinks the United Nations does a"poor job."

(USA Today, 2003)

3.6%—Average annual projected 2004 pay increase for a US employee.

(AAA, 2003)

$244—Average daily cost for an American family of 4 traveling/vacationing.

(INS, 2003)

8.5 million—Estimated number of illegal immigrants living in theUnited States.

(Wall Street Journal, 2003)

$12 billion—Total spending by the New York City public school systemin 2002.

(People, 2003)

$82.7 million—Total 10-year earnings for each cast member of NBCTV'sFriends.

(Chronicle of Higher Education, 2003)

14%—Percentage of US public college faculty members who considerthemselves politically "conservative."

(Mercer, 2003)

$3 million—Median annual total compensation for a US CEO in 2002.

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