What's a Million, Really?

Physician's Money DigestAugust31 2004
Volume 11
Issue 16

One rule ofthumb:

Physician's MoneyDigest

If you have $1 million in your retirementnest egg, you may think you haveenough, but many financial advisors thinkyou should have more. Figure out what your salary willbe when you retire and multiply thatnumber by 10. The result is how muchyou should stash away for retirement.Right now, the average reader earns about $184,000 ayear, which means that, depending onhow close your are to retirement,you'll need $2 million or more, afterallowing for inflation, to retire comfortably.One suggested allocation forretirement is to use 70% of your nestegg to buy a fixed annuity, which providesyou with a lifetime incomestream. Use the rest for investmentsand as a reserve for emergencies.

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