Something New...

Physician's Money DigestAugust31 2004
Volume 11
Issue 16

…and something blue chip. If you'rebored with the same old wedding gifts,try a gift that can start the happy coupleon a lifetime of investing. At (800-295-2550), you canselect from dozens of high-profile companies.Your gift of a single share ofstock automatically enrolls the recipientsin the company's no-fee direct reinvestmentplan, allowing them to buyadditional shares without paying a broker'scommission.

The National Association of InvestorsCorporation (877-275-6242; also has a low-costinvestment plan that's appropriate as agift for weddings, graduations, or birthdays.A one-time set-up fee plus the costof a single share of stock enrolls therecipients in a monthly investment programthrough which they can add anywherefrom $25 to $100 a month totheir nest egg.

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