Doing Timeshares

Physician's Money DigestAugust31 2004
Volume 11
Issue 16

Timeshares are a big business, withmore than 3 million US households payingan average of $13,500 for a week attheir dream vacation spot. If you want tobuy, don't think of it as an investment, nomatter what the timeshare salespersonsays—timeshare owners who sell in thesecondary market average only about50% of their purchase price. On the plusside, if you own a timeshare, you canswap your week for another in a differentlocale. But to avoid trading your treasurefor someone else's lemon, it's worth the$15 a year to join the Timeshare Owner'sGroup (, which posts ratingson hundreds of resorts around theworld. Another resource for swappers isIntervalWorld (,which will broker your timeshare trade.

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