Reading Room: Beating the Business Cycle

Physician's Money DigestAugust31 2004
Volume 11
Issue 16

Beating the Business Cycle:How to Predict and Profit from TurningPoints in the Economy

Everyone knows that thechangeable economy canhave a profound impact onmajor corporations, businesses,and investors, but not everyoneknows how to use signalsin the changing economy tobenefit their finances. In hisnew book ($24.95; CurrencyDoubleday; 2004), renowned businesscycle forecasters Lakshman Achuthanand Anirvan Banerji show you how torecognize and use these economic signalsto make better decisions regardingyour finances.

Beating the Business Cycle

Achuthan and Banerji, directors ofthe Economic Cycle Research Institute,take you through the institution'ssolid method of predictingbusiness cycles to show youhow to use information that isreadily available to the publicalong with data provided inthis easy-to-use book to createa warning system for yourfinances. They show you how to readthese warnings to make the best possiblefinancial decisions, from when andhow much to cut back your staff andpayroll to when to take your Europeanvacation. is amust for those physician-investors whowant to cut risk in investments andremain knowledgeable about their personalfinances and the all-encompassingeconomy.

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