Build the Right Path, See the Right Line

Physician's Money Digest, August31 2004, Volume 11, Issue 16

The following exercise allows agolfer to improve the swing pathof their putting stroke and helpsimprove the line they see to the hole.Find a flat putt of about 6 to 8 feet.Mark with a chalk line. Place a ballapproximately 4 feet from the hole, buton the chalk line. Adjust the block ofwood so that your putter can trackback and through on the woodenblock. Then simply start to make someputts, keeping the putter on the woodentrack, and gain some confidence.

When you feel confident with yourtechnique, remove the wooden block,place the ball at 1 foot, and hole theputt. Now go to 2 feet and make theputt. See if you can hole all eight puttswithout missing any. Don't forget towait and listen for the sound of the ballgoing into the cup.

Adrian Davies is a corporate eventprofessional for Fortune 500 companiessuch as American Express,IBM, and Nike. A current PGA tourinstructor, Mr. Davies has coachedplayers on almost every professionaltour worldwide and has coached winners on thePGA, European, and Nationwide Tours. He welcomesquestions or comments at, or visit