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Physician's Money DigestOctober31 2003
Volume 10
Issue 20

Fantastic Discounts & Deals forAnyone Over 50

Now there's another reason to celebrateyour 50th birthday: senior discounts.According to Janet Groene,author of (Cold Spring Press; 2003),"If you're age 50 or older and paying fullprice for dining and travel, you're payingtoo much."

Benefits of Maturity

Unfortunately, most physicians today don't takeadvantage of these discounts. "At age 50, most physiciansare in their prime professionally, socially, andfinancially. They never think of asking for a senior discount,"Groene explains. "Yet it's at age 50 that discountsstart kicking in. More are added when youreach age 55, 60, 62, and 65."

As Groene points out in the book, there are a numberof ways to save money. "Seniors age 50get free checking, free travel checks, and afree or discounted safety deposit box.Traveling on vacation or to a medical conference?Get a senior discount on the airfare,hotel, rental car, shuttle bus to the airport,and even a haircut. Best of all, manydiscounts apply to a spouse or travel companionof any age."

Informative Instruction

Fantastic Discounts &Deals for Anyone Over 50

Distributed by Simon & Schuster, lists dozens of very accessiblenational chains that offer senior discounts. It explains thedifferent types of discounts available and discrete waysto make sure you receive them. The book sells for $9.95at and other online booksellers, oryou can purchase a copy by calling 888-866-6631.

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