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Physician's Money DigestOctober31 2003
Volume 10
Issue 20

(Money, 2003)

31%—Percentage of every US dollar spent on health care that goes to administrative costs.

(USDA, 2003)

24%—Percentage of a US family's annual disposable income spent on food.

(People, 2003)

$175,000 —Current annual salary for the governor of California.

(Forbes, 2003)

$35 million —Arnold Schwarzenegger's total earnings in 2002.

(Harris Poll, 2003)

16%—Percentage of Americans who claim they have at least 1 tattoo.

Siegfried & Roy Las Vegas

(USA Today, 2003)

$1 million —Weekly gross earnings for the act.

(Commonwealth Fund, 2003)

76%—Percentage of Americans who say they have a "regular doctor."

56%—Percentage of Americans over age 50 who have had a physical exam in the past year. (Commonwealth Fund, 2003)

(Ad Age, 2003)

$325,000 —Cost of a 30-second TV advertisement during the World Series.

Monday Night Football. (Ad Age, 2003)

$272,867 —Cost of a 30-second TV advertisement on ABC's NFL

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