Trust Q&A: Doctors Must Ask These 10

Physician's Money DigestOctober31 2003
Volume 10
Issue 20

To build a lasting and trustingrelationship with a financialadvisor, ask and obtain clearanswers to these questions about anyinvestment they recommend:

  1. What is your rationale for picking this specific product?
  2. How does this investment suit my needs and risk tolerance?
  3. How much commission will you and your firm earn on this trade?
  4. What standard will we set for performance and how will we monitorfuture progress?
  5. After all fees are paid, how much must this investment gain in valuebefore I break even?
  6. Will this sale help you win any prizes or sales contests?
  7. How long do you expect me to hold this investment? Why?
  8. Can I get out of this investment quickly if I need to?
  9. What is the bid-ask spread of this particular trade?
  10. What is the worst-case outcome for this investment?


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